Prepare Thyself… Prepare…

For you see, today I realized that the day will come when a small group of crazy human beings shall change our lives by unleashing the ultimate human destructive weapon upon us. Right now, as we go about living our lives, there are people scheming to deliver a nuclear device into America for the eventual detonation in a highly populated AMERICAN city.

This day is coming without any doubts. The unknown factor is what will happen afterwards. Will this event throw our leaders into a retaliatory mode that further destroys the world’s social fabric? I don’t know. I do see that our country will change forever after this event. What changes occur are ultimately up to each of us. What decisions will we make? Will we continue to be the light of freedom for the world or will we disintegrate into oblivion and chaos?

I do worry about this day to come. For some unknown reason I cry today for the souls that will be lost in the bleak future I see to come. I really, really hate feeling like this. Hopefully, everything stated here will be pure fantasy in fifty years. Hopefully, future generations will look at these thoughts and wonder “You really felt like that!”

Links: The Terror Ahead, by GABRIEL SCHOENFELD

WAR: a state of usually open and declared armed hostile conflict between states or nations

Catastrophe: the final event of the dramatic action especially of a tragedy


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