Here’s Your Wake UP Call! Can You Hear It?

Let’s set the scene:

You’re in doctor’s office, sick from a yet, unknown virus or some other ailment. This time around your head aches, noise is running and your stomach feels like it is Southern California waiting to break off into the ocean.

The Doctor comes in, reviews your file, looks you over and says “Mr. Soandso, I’ll give you something for this, BUT, we’ve talked before about you losing weight and quitting your smoking habit.”

Yea, yea, yea, you think to yourself as you tell the doctor, “I’m going to get on a program.”

Five years and fifty pounds later you wake up, open the medicine cabinet and wash down what seems to be a bazillion pills for your high blood pressure, hyper-tension and who knows what other health issues.

Does this sound familiar? For me, my WAKE UP CALL came a calling when I had a bad throat infection and the doctor sent me to a sleep study. After the sleep study I had the opportunity to read the results and noticed that the nice technician had put on my chart a description of me. Amongst the general descriptions she stated “…obese, white male.’


Yes, obese! Looking at me, you wouldn’t think I would be described as obese. At that time I stood 5’11 and weighed 238 or so pounds. I proceeded to ask my doctor and he confirmed that at my height and weight I would be considered obese by the CDC Body Mass Index.

I was thirty-six and had the realization that if I didn’t do something my health and wellness would continue to decline and I would be looking at much more serious problems down the road.

Are you going to wait to long for your wake up call? Look up your BMI, not to be confused with a BMW and when you see the TRUTH, accept it and think about what you will do about it?


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