Does It Really Cost That Much

So… what is the real cost of being kind?

This week I was working on getting caught up after a long Christmas/New Year’s vacation in Seattle and I started thinking about my end of the year email that I’ll be sending out to my family and friends. Those thoughts started me thinking about my co-worker friends.

This year has been tough for me and my fellow team mates here at WorldCom. We’ve endured a lot of changes and uncertainty and on top of those worries we’ve been tasked with decommissioning the operations of an entire business unit’s IT systems. Needless to say we’ve had our trials and tribulations. With all those thoughts in my head I decided to send a note to my fellow co-workers to let them know my thoughts (that email is attached below).

The whole point of this ramble is simple: What does a kind word cost in the scheme of life? Answer: Abso-freaking nothing!!! We spend a majority of our adult life working with people and many times we get lost in our own needs. A kind word of encouragement and thankfulness can go a long way in making people feel needed and appreciated. Even though our company is on the edge of disaster we still must support each other and work together to impact the business in a positive manner.

Next time you have a minute or two; take the time to tell someone that you are thankful for them and their contributions. It costs you nothing, but the benefits are incalculable.

—–Original Message—–
From: Herschel Horton
Sent: Tuesday, January 07, 2003 10:36 AM
To: “Da Team”
Subject: Thanks and Here’s to a Great 2003

So I’m working on my personal 2002 summary email to friends and family and I thought “What about my friends at work.”

I thought it would be nice to tell my co-workers how much I appreciate them and the job that we have ALL done together over the past year. We’ve worked hard through a lot of different problems and situations. As a team we’ve been able to overcome what, at times, appeared to be insurmountable odds. But somehow we got the job done and I would like to think that we got the job done well.

Although our forces may be small, we are a formable team. We work well together and as a team we are not afraid of the hard assignments. The really fun thing about our team is that we have a wide variety set of skills, both technical and managerial. Where one of us is weak in a subject matter another is strong. Additionally, we seem to gel well with each other. I can’t remember having an argument or fight with any of you.

2002 was tough for us all. Our company went through some tough times. But, I’m thankful to be on our team and to have such wonderful co-workers such as you. Who knows what 2003 will bring. My hope is that we continue to make a positive impact to WorldCom and together make a difference to help our company survive and prosper.


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