Into The Wild Blue Yonder

Flying01a To soar with the Eagles is the dream of many of the land dwellers below. And as an intelligent being, man found a way to soar as high as his dreams.

As a kid I grew up next to a big airport called Hartsfield International. Many planes would pass by overhead throughout the day and many times I would gaze up and wish I were in control of the powerful plane.

Like many boys I dreamed of fighter planes and adventures, but for whatever reason I never made those dreams real. But the dream to fly never left me! After many years of working with chips and bits, I decided it was time to make the dream a reality.

In doing so, I signed up at a local flight school and started to make my dream a reality. The first real test for a fly-boy is the first time you take the controls by yourself without the comfort of an instructor by your side.

flying01b My first solo came on October 6th, 2002 when I took a trusty Cessna 172 N97283 up and away at Fulton County, Charlie Brown, airport. I’m now an official student pilot and every time I go up I always learn something new and realize that flying is what I want to do.

The picture at the top-left of this BLOG entry is of me next to the airplane that took me up and got me down from my first solo. The picture to the right is my instructor Matt Jones — thanks Matt, couldn’t have done it without your “most excellent” instruction.
What took me so long?


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